Friday, January 15, 2010

Skybox. Tomorrow.

As Tomorrow Never Knows continues, Skybox will be playing Schubas tomorrow night. I saw them for my first and only time, funny enough, at Schubas in November and really liked them; they appealed to the part of me that likes weird pop--I was about bowled over by the similarities between Tim Ellis and Kevin Barnes, and the band in general and of Montreal.

Well, now they have a new album out (well, almost... it's official release date is set for two days after the show, but maybe, just maybe, they'll have some advance copies of Morning After Cuts for sale at the show...).

Here is my band preview published in Transmission's TNK preview last week.

Skybox is a local band that adds just the right amount of quirk to pop music. Their live shows are theatric, unexpected and not to be missed. They take a page from such artists as of Montreal and David Bowie in that respect, and in writing songs that can differ widely, but still hold up on their own minus the pomp and circumstance. Anticipation is high for the group's new album, Morning After Cuts, which is set to be released January 19 — just two days after their TNK appearance — so you can bet you'll be hearing a lot of those new songs at the Schubas show. For a preview of the new album, visit their website where you can also download the infectiously upbeat single "In A Dream" for free.

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