Friday, March 22, 2013

Before and After: Home Edition

I said I would do this a loooong time ago, but I just ran across these living room photos that I had set aside for showing our before and afters. Maybe I was waiting to post until I found some better befores, but these still do the job. Having lived in the after for so long now, seeing these old photos proves just how glad I am that I painted and decorated! Personalizing really does make the difference between a house and a home, even if it is a rental.

A lot of these photos have a certain Beagle in them who has since passed, and it's reminder of how much having her around made the house a home, too. Though, for someone who hated having her photo taken, I don't know how she managed to end up in almost every shot :)

Before/in progress: 

This is the best shot I have of the boyfriend's old mod couch. 

The red loveseat that Betty claimed for herself. 


(We've since gotten a fancy new coffee table, too.)

(Note that Betty's bed got an upgrade, too.)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Two Snow Things

There's another snowstorm happening outside my windows again (yes I know it's March, please tell that to the sky) and this is my friendly reminder that Chicago Municipal Code sections 4-4-310 and 10-8-180 state that property owners and occupants are responsible for keeping sidewalks clear of snow and ice.

I had this really clever idea to make stickers to put on those neighbors' gates who don't shovel that say "Thanks for not shoveling your sidewalk. I'll be sure to send the hospital bill for my broken bones to this address." Of course I would have a friendly one for nice neighbors, too, that says "Thank you for shoveling, neighbor!" It probably has a heart or a smiley face on it, too. But the city beat me to it with this door hanger. Look, it's friendly AND official!

Thing numero dos: With any snowstorm comes snowball fights, and tonight Chicagoist, RedEye and Do312 face off in their own Snowbrawl 2013 in Wicker Park. Okay, really anyone can show up and start throwing snow at other people and its a good time. Last year was super fun. The news even thought so. The real news. See you there!