Friday, March 22, 2013

Before and After: Home Edition

I said I would do this a loooong time ago, but I just ran across these living room photos that I had set aside for showing our before and afters. Maybe I was waiting to post until I found some better befores, but these still do the job. Having lived in the after for so long now, seeing these old photos proves just how glad I am that I painted and decorated! Personalizing really does make the difference between a house and a home, even if it is a rental.

A lot of these photos have a certain Beagle in them who has since passed, and it's reminder of how much having her around made the house a home, too. Though, for someone who hated having her photo taken, I don't know how she managed to end up in almost every shot :)

Before/in progress: 

This is the best shot I have of the boyfriend's old mod couch. 

The red loveseat that Betty claimed for herself. 


(We've since gotten a fancy new coffee table, too.)

(Note that Betty's bed got an upgrade, too.)

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