Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Fighting for the right to stickers.

I voted, too, but I did not get a sticker.
Yesterday was Election Day across the country, and while I don't usually talk politics, I'm disappointed to hear that my state elected the person I did not vote for for governor.

Moving on to more important issues, when you vote in the city of Chicago, you do not get an "I Voted" sticker. You get this crummy piece of paper instead. This is crazy.

Image from Brandon Wall. That exclamation point does not make us feel better. 

Apparently the Board of Elections stopped handing out stickers twenty years ago because voters would put the stickers on the walls on their way out of the polling place. 

What is this? It's like we're the red-headed stepchild of the US. OHHHH, look at Chicago, they can't seem to handle the responsibility of stickers, so they get pieces of paper that they have to pin on their lapels with safety pins. Safety pins that they have to provide themselves, because if they can't handle stickers, what makes you think they could properly use a sharp object. Maybe give them tape instead. No, wait, they'll just stick that on the walls, too, and it's clear so we can't find it. Paper only. 

Please give us stickers. We will be good. We promise. We will only put them on ourselves and not on walls. (We will even try to remember to remove said sticker from our shirts before placing them in the wash.) Please do not punish us for the missteps of our fathers. 

HEY! Maybe the city could hold a design contest for voter stickers! With all my long-distance friends rubbing their stickers in my facebook, I have seen many clever designs from many different municipalities. It could even take the place of the contest for the car city stickers that the city scrapped! I'm sure they could find some way to monetize that!

Can we petition to add this important issue to the next ballot? VOTE YES FOR STICKERS!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Party Time Excellent

Busy October had me busy, but much happened that will hopefully make it to the blog at some point. What could not wait though is our Chicagoist ten-year anniversary party! Tomorrow night at Emporium! This party has everything: hosted bar, raffle prizes that benefit a place to help kids write good, food trucks, live music, recorded music, and some of the best darn writer people in town.

Be there!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Cultural Diversity

From a punk rock music festival to the ballet to a museum exhibit about a starman, it's been quite a week.

Kind of sucks. Would recommend. Appearing in Denver this weekend. Pictures to come.

The Joffrey Ballet's current program. Hurry and go though because this one only lasts through the weekend. Stick around for the last piece, it's a doozy. I wrote about it for Chicagoist.

And Finally: DAVID BOWIE IS...
I got to attend the press preview at the Museum of Contemporary Art this morning. There were Aladdin Sane cookies. The exhibit opens next Tuesday aka David Bowie Day. Also recommend.

Friday, September 5, 2014

"Can We Talk?"

Comedienne Joan Rivers passed away at the age of 81 yesterday. Oh what, you think 81 is old? Why should we be surprised? As Andy Cohen said on the Today Show this morning, "You don't hear people talking about how shocked they are about an 81-year-old passing away, but that's how much of a relevant life force she was to so many generations."

Over the last few years, I made her show Fashion Police a regular part of my week. As a girl who likes fashion but isn't wrapped up in the scene, I could devour the commentary of Joan, Giuliana, Kelly and George when I couldn't stand listening to other fashion "experts." Joan's jokes were crude and just wrong most of the time, but I was always laughing out loud. She could deliver a joke that no one else could get away with. (Heck, I've been saying for years that I would love to be a writer for the show, maybe I should take some comedy writing classes!)

Many Friday nights I stay in, mostly because there is an early Saturday morning yoga class that I like to go to, but also because Fashion Police was on, and since it wasn't on On Demand (no, we don't have DVR like the rest of you), I had to watch it in real time! And let's be honest, the events and jokes are timely, so you gotta stay current! And those awards show specials! In fact her last episode was an epic dual Emmys and MTV VMAs special last Tuesday, just two days before she went into cardiac arrest.

I remember liking Joan a lot when I was a kid, which I thought was really weird since her act was not exactly kid friendly. But there was just something about her, maybe I thought her voice was funny. I must have watched her daytime talk show when I was home from school over the summer. I think it was on before or after the Win, Lose or Draw game show because I associate them together... does anyone else remember that?! The more I learned about her over time, the more I liked her. Her act may have been cutting and nasty, but she seemed to be a really kind person in life.

Last night, instead of watching commentary of everyone crying, I decided that I wanted to laugh--her daughter, Melissa, even said, "My mother's greatest joy in life was to make people laugh. Although that is difficult to do right now, I know her final wish would be that we return to laughing soon."--so the fiance and I watched her stand-up special, Don't Start With Me instead.

I think I've gone on long enough, so let's salute one last time, Joan Rangers. To the lady herself--fabulous, confident, trailblazer--may you rest in peace, and where ever you are, make em laugh.

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Frequent Flyer Safety

Still in the Lollapalooza spirit, here's a video of Chromeo (who played on Sunday) lending their talents to an airline safety video.


Me in front of the good 'ol inflatable Lolla sign.

So...guess who ended up going to Lollapalooza last weekend. That's right, me. The ten year streak is alive! I just couldn't stay away. Is it FOMO? Maybe a little, but I really wanted to see live music in an environment that I feel comfortable in, and mentally let go for a couple of days. This year I realized that for a lot of people there, especially the young ones, Lollapalooza is something for them to experience, while for me, it's a place I can go to feel at home in my own city. I've spent most of my adult life in this city, and this festival has been an annual celebration for every year that I've been here.

I joined the Chicagoist-team on Lolla coverage and this year we did something a little different. It was a time-stamped write-up of band reviews and general festival experience. It ended up being a really cool post that provides different perspectives and let a little bit of each person's personality and approach to the festival come through. Nice job, team!

Read about Friday here, Saturday here and Sunday here. Oh yeah, I also got to see Spoon at Metro on Friday!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Missing Lolla?

Moving along and Lollapalooza is upon us. This is the first time in the ten years that the fest been in Chicago that I'm not going, and it feels kind of weird. I have mixed feelings about not going. The lineup isn't all that great, especially compared to past years (and it sold out before any bands were even announced!), and I'll be going to some parties and concerts in the Lolla vein anyway, but there's something about being in that atmosphere, watching a band's set outside... I'm going to miss it.

BUT, Riot Fest's lineup is much more amazing and it's just over a month away! I'll look forward to that!