Monday, December 6, 2010

Buke & Gass

I would totally be at this free Empty Bottle show tonight if I didn't have a super early flight in the morning.

See Buke & Gass Tonight For Free

Brooklyn duo Buke and Gass are truly a DIY band, having essentially created their own musical instruments. Aron plays what they've dubbed the "gass", a guitar/bass hybrid, while his female counterpart Arone is on the "buke", a modified baritone ukulele. Their music is as unique as their makeup; they teeter the line between mainstream and avant garde, sometimes with so much going on, you'd expect it to be overwhelming, instead finding it intriguing. It's near impossible to assign a single genre--sometimes folk, mostly rock with experimental and pop injections (especially on songs like "Your Face Left Before You" and "Medulla Oblongata" (free download), which would be the closest things they have to singles). One thing they always have is a big sound, whether epic or just plain loud.

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