Monday, February 14, 2011

The Great Thaw: The Great Debate Continues

There is great debate among the citizens of Chicago over the validity of "dibs", and things are getting even more heated (heh) now that the mercury has risen above freezing and the mountains of white stuff have started to melt. Just how long should you be allowed to claim "dibs"?

I dont feel that I'm really entitled to an opinion since I dont own a car, but here are my Dad's rather entertaining thoughts on "dibs":

"I'm torn... In one respect I concur with the comment; "Dibs is silly". All those little chairs in the streets... I mean really people... On the other hand; if I've worked damn hard to clear a spot - how could somebody think they can come along and take advantage of it? It's really just flat out stealing in a sense.

So accordingly, I've come up with a solution... NO PARKING ON SNOW DAYS! Period! Many cities do it, and it seems to work fine. And I don't care where or what size street either. If it's going to need to be plowed, don't park it there. If you don't have someplace to park it, either find a place or don't have it. For Christ sakes already, you live in a city! You don't really need a car in the first place! Even my daughter lives in a city and is smart enough not to own one. If you can afford to own a car, you should also be able to afford a place to put it.

So, it's just this simple. If you do choose to park in the street on a snow day - the plow-man gets 2 options. Either 1) push it out of the way, or 2) just bury it. I have no sympathy either way, because you also have the option of living somewhere else! So move on already people... and please take those little chairs with you.

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