Friday, March 4, 2011

Snapshots from a rock 'n' roll marriage

I don't know whether I'm glad I read this or if I wish I didn't now know any of it, but it's an interesting look inside the real lives and personal relationships of "rock stars".

"Snapshots from a rock 'n' roll marriage: Before the Black Keys won Grammys, before the drunken fights and infidelity -- Patrick and I were very much in love"


Tankboy said...

I think the whole thing has to be read with the understanding that the lens we're looking through is VERY bitter and VERY angry.

I know I wouldn't want any of MY exes dragging out the intimate details of our relationship in a magazine feature piece.

Mich said...

Part 1: that's obvious. Part 2: I agree.

I think in a break up many of these things should be kept private, or between you and your therapist. Or even write a book through a different lens. Just because you're a writer doesnt mean you should publish your journaling on Salon.

Tankboy said...

I concur!

Lisa said...

Wow. That was totally inappropriate to air out in an open forum. That just reeked of bitter and sad divorcee. Some things are for your friends, family, and therapist only, and this is one of them. It made me really uncomfortable even reading it. Sure you need to release these feelings, and writing is a valid way to do it, but you don't publish it in fucking Salon. Jesus. Interesting read at least.