Thursday, May 26, 2011

"What song are you listening to?"

This amuses me to no end. This guy asks random New Yorkers with headphones what song they're listening to. Gives you an idea just how many different atmospheric moods are happening around you every time you walk down the street. Plus how typical or surprising (or embarrassing) people's selections are. I also find it interesting how most have have to look at their iPods or the like to find out what they're actually listening to.

Ok, ok, on to the video...Oh, what was I listening to on my way to work? I'm with my fellow nerd girl at 5:03: NPR - This American Life.


Tankboy said...

Why is that one girl so embarrassed to be listening to Kanye? She should be proud!

Mich said...

Yeah, Miss Panic at the Disco should be embarrassed...of that hat! Amirite?!