Friday, August 14, 2015


Hello? Is anyone there? I can't tell through all these interwebz cobwebz. It's almost hard to believe that my last post was last November--nine months ago!

Actually, it's not that hard to believe. I did get married, and unlike all those bloggers who share every step of the planning process, I kept most everything pretty private. No shame towards those bloggers though, many of them actually helped me through planning my own semi-traditional wedding. I just didn't feel much like re-visiting a step once it was completed. There was so much to do and there were always more tasks waiting when you checked something off the list.

For how much work we avoided by doing two semi-casual events, it was still a ton of work and almost every step had a lot more emotion attached to it than I expected, which, to be honest, was pretty draining. I can't imagine how intense the engagement period would be for a bride managing a diy wedding with lots of vendors!

In the end, our destination ceremony and local party were perfectly us. I did learn a lot about tradition and etiquette, mostly so I knew what rules I was breaking and doing so with intention. I have no regrets about anything we left out, and just as important, no regrets about anything we included. It was nice to have total control so that we didn't feel obligated to do anything we didn't want to do. Not that either of our families are the controlling type, they all just wanted us to be happy. And our priority was that everyone was relaxed and had fun. I'm pretty sure we all succeeded.

Enough words, though. Pictures are what everyone really wants. Here are a few choice pics from our Vegas ceremony at the Cosmopolitan (pics by the lovely Danelle from Imagine Studios), our photo shoot at the Neon Museum the day before (pics by our dear friend Aubrey of Aubrey Jane Photo), and our reception party at The Hideout (pics by Mr. GlitterGuts himself, Eric).

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