Friday, June 12, 2009

Another Big Weekend On Tap

Another big weekend on the horizon.  First off, Ribfest.  Surprisingly, this street festival that takes the namesake of barbecue, has a pretty kick-ass band line up.  I'll be there tonight for Tom Schraeder and the return of OFFICE.  Check out the whole lineup in my preview on Transmission.  Pray that it doesn't rain anymore.  

(Tom Schraeder)

Secondly, two concerts that I am super pumped for that I almost didn't get to go to, but luckily, things worked out and I will be covering both for Gapers Block.  Phoenix and Amazing Baby on Saturday night, and Metric on Sunday.  Look for those reviews early next week (along with a few other previews I am planning).  

So, another jam-music-packed weekend.  Here's to hoping that the weather cooperates.  Seriously, pray that it doesn't rain anymore, I'm not joking, I can't take it anymore.  

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