Monday, July 27, 2009

A Bizarre Evening With Jamie Lidell

Sometimes a band or artist has to be seen live to really appreciate the scope of their talent or how great their music really is. I never understood why Jamie Lidell didn't have a bigger following or wasn't well known, even by my music friends, until Tankboy told me exactly that--Lidell is the kind of artist you have to see live to appreciate because his recorded music just isn't as compelling.

Come Saturday night. Jamie Lidell was booked to play at Congress Theater. I thought this odd, especially since he played Metro last year and didn't even sell that out. The promoters were giving away tickets in the tens online in the week before--never a good sign. I showed up and the place was near empty. Sad for such an amazing artist and what was such a great performance (sans band I should add--Lidell at his best). I think a run through my tweets from the evening will say it best (and capture just how bizarre the night was, starting with a Michael Jackson Thriller zombie walk in Wicker Park):

Breaking in my new red shoes tonight! And now going to Michael Jackson zombie walk with @lisawhite!

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