Friday, July 17, 2009


Well, it's that time of year again: Pitchfork Music Festival officially begins tonight in Union Park. Time to re-connect with friends and immerse myself in music and excess. I'm excited to have a friend coming into town from St. Louis for the fest. She has come up every year for Lollapalooza, but this year decided to skip the ridiculousness that it has become and come in for the smaller fest that remains about the music and community. I think she will be very happy with her decision.

So here we go, on a weekend that will be an unprecedented 70 degrees all weekend. I honestly don't know how to go to a music fest without sweating my ass off the whole time and feeling like I'm going to pass out every 5 minutes (and that's from heat, not booze!). And what to wear!? I usually pull those next-to-nothing items out of the closet for some heat-relief, but this time I think I'm actually going to have to consider a jacket!

Check out our staff-picks on Transmission for which bands you shouldn't miss! I am also covering the fest for the site, so check back throughout the weekend for updates and a wrap-up on Monday!

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