Friday, August 28, 2009

Cold weather can't keep me down! I swear!

2009: The Year Without A Tan. It's starting to feel like Chicago got totally jipped on a summer this year with only a few weekends warm enough for the beach, and I missed all of them for some reason or another. Despite the unseasonably cool temps (highs this weekend will only be in the 60's), there's still plenty of music going on to (try to) keep your mind off it.

I saw the cutest Florida boys take the stage on Tuesday. They were Holiday Shores and they were the opening band for two local groups at Empty Bottle, but hopefully they will be back soon for a headlining show of their own. They've got a great thing going--that I keep calling beachy indie-rock--that I find super enjoyable.

Tonight is the first of two shows at Aragon that NIN are playing as their last go-around, so I'm sure a lot of you will be there, but I'm going to be at SubT to catch The Ettes, a girly, 60's sounding punk band that I did a little giveaway for on Transmission earlier this week.

Another music filled week/weekend, and if you're up for some late-nite fun tomorrow, come to The Continental where Tankboy and Keep will be spinning (albeit digitally) the tunes til 5am.

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