Friday, September 18, 2009

Writer/Mad Transcriber

I have barely had a spare minute this week, and part of the reason is because I've been working on my feature about new-ish venue SPACE in Evanston that went up yesterday (which included transcribing a 40 minute interview--btw, transcribing interviews takes FOREVER). Bottom line, don't write it off just because it's in the "suburbs." It's really not that far (the Purple Line stops right there) and they've got a great thing going on up there, along with a pretty great room. It's all happening because the peeps that own/run it really love music-- "we're fans first." What am I doing trying to promote it here, just go and read my piece...

I also went to see one of my very favorite new bands right now on Tuesday--Bad Veins, and my review/preview (yes, they're coming back) is up on Transmission as well.

Have a great weekend everyone! I for one am very happy to say good bye to the work week and relax--no plans this weekend!*

*Except, of course, for Kevin Smith at the Chicago Theater tonight! Tankboy got to interview him just yesterday and Part I is already up on Chicagoist!**

**thanks in part to moi--transcriber and best girlfriend in the world :)


Tankboy said...

Thanks for all the help!

RIA said...

I love reading your blogs

Mich said...

Thanks babe! I'm glad someone is reading it! :P