Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What do you want for your birthday? A month full of your favorite concerts? Done.

Here we are... December. While it marks the beginning of a cold, snowy winter (which I hate), it's also turning out to be a month full of concerts from some of my favorite bands, which is perfect because it's also the month of my birthday! Happy birthday to me!

It all started with the announcement of the Flaming Lips/Phoenix/Pete Yorn show at Allstate on the 11th; you'd be hard pressed to find a more Mich-perfect bill.

Then, Andrew Bird announced that he would be playing a bunch of "Gezelligheid" (that means "cozy," i.e. small) concerts at Fourth Presbyterian Church. I didn't go for any of those tickets bc I would have felt greedy after getting to see him at The Hideout last year, the Black Cat DC show AND Schubas, but a special someone nabbed a couple guest list spots for us :)

And then last week, there was this curious announcement of Metric playing, of all places, Cubby Bear. They were just here in June, playing a sold out Metro, and did I mention Cubby Bear is a sports bar across from Wrigley Field??? But, the myth has been verified by Tankboy--apparently the show is a part of Q101 partnership with the bar called "Q-Up" and it's serving as the station's official after-party for their "Twisted" holiday concert. Whatever, I get to see Metric at a bar.

Lets see, what else... Tonight we start the month with one of my favorites of '09, Winter Gloves (luckly) returning to Chicago after playing to a nearly empty room in May. And on top of it all, local friends Hey Champ and Tom Schraeder are playing this month too. (I keep telling Tankboy that the only way this month could get any better is if Spoon announced a last minute Chicago show).

So here's to December. It's going to be busy between concerts, holiday parties and unpacking a new home, but hey, I can breathe in January.


Samaber said...

I want to go to there. And to all of those.

Mich said...

Aw, I wish you were here to go with me!