Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Officially Lolla

Oh look! There was some other big news today! The Lollapalooza line-up is finally official! Yay!

I have not even bought tickets yet, and I say yet because I know I will go, and I will have a great time, and I will get sunburned, and I will make snarky comments about bands and attendees, and I will say how much better it was in '05. I'm not even waiting because I expect to get in as "press" because I don't, but 200 bucks is a lot of money, and last year I didn't even end up going on Saturday. And you know what, I've already seen a lot of the bands I would want to see under better circumstances. So maybe I'll wait for the schedule to come out and buy single day passes. I have said in the past that I would skip the festival proper in the future and just attend the aftershows, maybe I'll just do that.

Who am I kidding, I know I'll end up buying the three day pass and going for the "experience," but I still can't bring myself to do it just yet.

So who are you excited to see???

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