Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Back From The Bayou

I'm finally back in the real world after returning from my first NOLA vacation (well, at least back at work). I've got about a million stories to tell, so if you see me, ask me about the the beignets, the hand grenades, the jambalaya at Mother's, getting caught in a downpour in a cemetery, how Vanna White almost ruined my first trip to Cafe Du Monde, how I got pelted in the head at Oyster Fest, or any multitude of other questions!

One thing I will say is that it was really cool to be immersed in a different musical culture for five days, and hearing it from almost every doorway and window. While I didn't get a chance to see the "mind-blowing jazz" I wanted, here's a sample of a band I DID get to see a few minutes of (they unfortunately took a break right after we walked in!) at Le Bon Temps Roule in Uptown (thanks to the recommendation of @Marcusist): Soul Rebels Brass Band.

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