Friday, June 25, 2010

"Spinderella Cut It Up One Time"

Normally I avoid the Taste of Chicago like the plague. In my mind sweat and crowds and food should not mix (I was scarred on my first visit years ago by a large sweaty man in a sleeveless shirt, and a turkey leg). But, one thing the Taste does have is music (and from what I remember the stages are sufficiently separated from the food portion), and tonight, beginning at 6:20pm, Salt-n-Pepa take the stage, followed by Bell Biv Devoe. Most bands that usually play fests like this I could take or leave, but something is telling me that I should see Salt-n-Pepa at least once in my life.

The taste continues through July 4. Wondering if there any other acts worth seeing? Download their kick ass app here to have the full schedule at your fingertips.

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