Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Perfectly Arched

A girlfriend at work just asked me if I did something different with my eyebrows. As a matter of fact I did, and thank you for noticing! Last month I was at Trim, a waxing salon in Bucktown, getting ready for my beach vacation-ifyouknowwhatImean, and my girl Deanne asked if I’d be willing to grow in my pencil thin brows and let her shape them. Hell yes, and again, thanks for asking! Since I was a teen, I’d been obsessed with brows. Maybe it’s because I had really thick heavy brows and I wanted to feel more feminine, but once you get going with the tweezers, it’s hard to stop and then you’re stuck with pencil thin ones because the thought of the time of growing them back in is daunting, and what would you do with them then?! Seek professional help, that’s what you do.

Deanne drew lines under and between my brows and told me to not tweeze anything inside those lines. It ended up being really easy to fight the urge to tweeze since I was on vacation for the first week, and when I got back I was pretty much bedridden with bronchitis, so I wasn’t looking in the mirror much to apply makeup or anything. By the time I gave myself a onceover right before Christmas and right before my first shaping appointment, I was surprised by how much they had grown in! Of course they were splotchy, but I’m really lucky how quickly they filled in. Once she cleaned up the edges and applied brow pencil, they looked straight out of a beauty magazine. And I must say it’s nice to not have to spend all that time in the mirror tweezing anymore!

P.S. If you have a Benefit Cosmetics store near you, they have a great Brow Bar too.

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