Thursday, January 6, 2011

Years In Numbers

Oh, hi. It’s been a while. What’s new? Well, I’m shifting this into more of a life blog. I’ll still talk about music of course, as it is such a big part of my life-- in fact, one of the things I’ve discovered through keeping this blog is just how prevalent music is in life in general, whether you follow bands like I do or not. But, my life is not just music. Especially as I get older, my interests continue to broaden, and I’m still learning a lot. Cooking, sewing, writing, dancing, fitness, beauty, fashion, home improvement and decorating, even some sports are all things that I love, and I love to talk about them. I’ve already got so many topics planned to write about.

Speaking of getting older, I turned thirty last month. Do I feel any different? No. Do I feel different than I did at twenty? Hell yes. Instead of dwelling on the number, I think milestone birthdays are simply for looking back, checking in with yourself, letting yourself acknowledge how far you’ve come (even if it’s not where you expected to be) and putting some thought to what is important to your future. I never really look forward to my birthday, falling in early December, the weather is making the final shift into winter (I’m a sun bunny, not a snow bunny), and holiday fever is picking up with all its gift and family trip planning. It’s the perfect anxiety recipe. So this year, my boyfriend and I decided to take advantage of the milestone by leaving it all behind and treating ourselves. Since I’d never spent my birthday on a beach, we went to an all inclusive resort in Jamaica.* It was wonderful. We did nothing but lay on the beach all day. I was surprised at how easy it was to forget the pressures of life back home.

Between my vacation, being sick when we got back, and the downtime at work, I feel like I got a month’s worth of time off. The past three years have been pretty hectic, and I feel like I’ve finally caught up on rest from all of it. My head feels clearer and I don’t feel the pressure to get things done, or take on something new. If I want to lie in front of the tv all day or go to bed early, I don’t feel bad about it anymore. The laundry can wait one more day.

As for a year end album or song list, I didn’t keep up with my running list as I intended, but maybe I’ll throw something together. Or maybe I won’t. You should check out Tankboy’s anyway. We have a lot of the same tastes, and since we live our lives together, our significant songs of 2010 were pretty much the same. I actually learn of a lot of my new music from him anyway since he is so much more plugged in than I am willing to be.

Here’s to a prosperous 2011!

* There’s even a musical tidbit here—we heard nothing but Bob Marley the entire time. And smooth jazz Marley covers. And curiously, no Jimmy Cliff.

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