Monday, September 26, 2011

Stepkids, Horrors, Dancers & Beer

It was a busy weekend between the Hideout Block Party, a Dance Crash show and a quick hop to Wisco for some sausage, cheese and Spotted Cow, but last night I broke my lay-low-Sunday-evening rule to accompany Tankboy to The Horrors show at Lincoln Hall. It's not too often that we are both surprisingly blown away by a band we've never heard of (simply because one of usually previews the shows we go to), but last night the opening band, The Stepkids, did just that. They reminded me of a ton of eclectic influences, but the bottom line is that they were really damn good. I totally think they should share a bill with Tame Impala and The Besnard Lakes. It would be a trippy, epic evening, with lotsa mind bending falsetto.

The Stepkids have a new album out tomorrow. Tankboy has a couple tracks you can preview.

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