Thursday, May 31, 2012

Roy's Goes Up In Smoke

photo from the Trib
I never did get around to writing that "adventures in couch shopping" story, so I never got to mention what a gem we found in Roy's Home Furnishings, the Lincoln Park furniture store where we purchased the sofa that made our house a home. Well, two days ago the showroom went up in flames (luckily no one was hurt) in an extra-alarm fire that shut down the CTA during rush hour. While to most it just meant a snarled up evening commute, many, including me, were more upset to hear about the location of the fire. Who gets so emotional over a furniture store? Obviously I'm emotional about that sofa in my living room, I mean, I wrote a whole blog post about it, but finding the thing was a journey in itself. We shopped just about every furniture store in the Chicago-land area, and came right back to Roy's, the place practically everyone I know told me to go. After visiting all those other stores, we realized how special Roy's was. They had the most current styles for the best prices, and the sales people were super cool--not pushy at all, but totally helpful when you needed them.

The good news is that they plan to stay in business! ...and a sigh of relief could be heard from all those around the city who didn't want to have to buy their next bedroom set from Value City...

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