Friday, July 6, 2012

Like A Heat Wave

Summer is officially in full swing with a 100+ degree heat wave hanging over Chicago and most of the mid-west as we speak. As summer is swinging, I also find less and less time to sort through my thoughts and post! So, here's a little of what's been going on!

  • Tankboy's 40th Birthday Bash at Darkroom on Saturday was a wild success (if I do say so myself as part of the planning committee). Memories were made from the inception of the plan (the guest of honor learning of the surprise show one day early!) to the night of the event (a sleeping Tankboy almost missing his own party!). Thanks again to everyone who helped, all the bands who played, and everyone who came out to make it a special night for Jim. Special thanks to Rudy, Kip, JB, Sam, Ivan, Pogo and Kenny. 

  • Thanks to Debby for making our Disney vacation memorable for a different reason.  Instead of relaxing by the pool on vacation with my fam, we rode out a tropical storm that stalled over the state. Even though I didn't come back with a tan, we still managed to have fun once we put our expectations on a shelf, threw on ponchos, and ran to the parks to ride whatever rides we could!

  • I made my inaugural visit to Milwaukee's Summerfest for Robyn with my girlfriends. #fembotsroadtrip

Here's a song to help get you through the heat wave. Take with Chicagoist's so hot playlist. Repeat as needed. 

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Anonymous said...

The heat waves this year have been crazy. My air conditioner broke in the middle of a heat wave and I had to get some one that does air conditioning repair in Miami to come fix it. My mom would absolutely love this song, I will have to send it to her. Thanks for sharing!