Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Guess Who's Turning 30?

No, not me. I'm officially, barely, older than the Cabaret MetroI have memories stretching back almost ten years courtesy of the venue, but friends in the community have been watching bands here since I was just a toddler. And the building itself has a history even longer, believe me, I've heard the ghost stories.  

We went to their anniversary party over the weekend (where we got some pretty cool swag), but they're  s t r e t c h i n g   t h i s   b i r t h d a y   o u t.  They're celebrating with a dedicated blog, honorary anniversary concerts, and a pop-up art gallery in the loop featuring concert posters, photos and the like from their archives. And speaking of memories, they want to hear yours: 
Do you have a special memory from your first concert at Metro? Still carry in your wallet the ticket stub from your first date with your wife? Got some photos of you and your fellow Smart Bar bartenders from the 80s collecting dust? Is that poster of the first time your band played Metro hanging in your office? Whether you are a fan, a band, a friend or a former employee, we want to feature your memories on this blog too! Write us an email with your favorite story, scan photos, or send video to MetroRetro@metrochicago.com.

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