Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Back To The Future Day Is Nigh

As the world already knows, the Cubs beat the Cardinals to advance to the NLCS, putting them one step closer to fulfilling the 2015 'Back to the Future II' prophecy. They're two games down to the Mets, but they come home tonight, so there's still hope.

I wrote a little something for the occasion for Chicagoist, basically wondering if we're in the right timeline according to the movie, or if we're in the skewed alternate timeline where a blonde butthead hotel entrepreneur rules...

It might look like I'm a Cards fan rooting for the Cubs, but I'd call it more of a plea. A plea to a baseball team to prove that we're in the correct space time continuum. Ok, maybe I'm really just a big fan of the game and of the Back to the Future movies.

'Back To The Future' Day Is Upon Us, But Which Timeline Are We In?

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