Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Rock Hard.

I’m still working on getting my Lollapalooza post together, but I just had to get this one out there…

Hard Rock Lollapalooza After Party: File this under things I will remember forever, even though I don’t remember much. Probably the best party I’ve ever been to. Ever.

My friend dj-ed the party the day before, so we were met at the door and escorted upstairs, given the full tour. The guy looks at us and says, “Everything is free. Enjoy.” Holy shit. So, everything was FREE (Including the tattoos, which I am proud to say I now have a new tat on my hip). There were food tables set up everywhere, free booze in the VIP, there must have been a tequila promo or something because people were mixing everything with tequila.

While I am sitting in a chair getting tattooed, two of my girlfriends are sitting next to me getting their hair done. All I can think is What in the world is going on and Where are weIs this for real probably slipped in there too.

I had just been complaining how Lollapalooza had become so corporate and not as edgy as in the old Lolla days (even Pointfest) where you could get tattoos and piercings and all kinds of crazy stuff at booths set up on the festival grounds. Now it’s just a MySpace photo tent and a Q101 Hammock Heaven. Well, I guess the real party is where the artists are.

I’m sure that I met a lot of really cool artists and musicians that I love after the tattoo, but I hardly remember any of it. I do remember dancing – a lot – and there are pictures to prove it.

I’m still trying to piece together everything that happened that night, one thing is for sure though, everyone had a ton of fun.

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