Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The saddest little street festival

I thought I had been to the saddest little street festival ever a few weeks ago at West Fest, but I was proven wrong yesterday. Enter Raven Fest. First of all, I didn’t even know this festival was happening, which is shocking to me since the bill had some pretty great bands. When we walked in, it looked like a carnival graveyard; all the inflatable bouncers lay deflated on the ground. And there were children EVERYWHERE. We rush over to the stage to find some adults and there are only about 15 people standing around, most wearing cut-off jean shorts (must have missed the memo). We finally found people we know and we headed over to the opposite stage where The M’s were playing – an hour and a half early. The band scheduled before canceled? The festival literally ended at 8pm. Ticket booths closed, beer sales over.

The day wasn’t a total wash, we got to see a good band minus a huge crowd, and we got out early enough to enjoy a few more beers on a local bar’s patio.

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