Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Freedom of Press?

I had heard about the ABC camera man who was assaulted by St. Paul Police outside the Republican National Convention, but I did not know the extent of what happened outside the convention until today when reading the liner notes for Ted Leo’s new EP Rapid Response. How was this treatment of the press and protesters not covered more prominently in the mainstream media? It’s a violation of the First Amendment in the freaking Bill of Rights for christs sake!

I generally try to stay away from discussing politics, especially in a blog forum, but I felt that this could not be ignored (and it had to do with a band recording, so it fits into the site). It is no secret that I am a left wing democrat, but whether you are democrat or republican we should all be able to agree that the treatment of these people outside the RNC was wrong and unconstitutional. I am glad that someone decided to stand up and say something. Ted Leo and his band decided to record this EP to raise awareness and contribute to the causes Democracy Now! and Food Not Bombs. (You can read the liner notes and purchase Rapid Response here.)

Let’s try to be vigilant citizens and inform ourselves of the issues and get out and VOTE on November 4th.

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