Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Skeletal Lamping Leaked

of Montreal’s latest album, Skeletal Lamping (set to be officially released October 17 on Polyvinyl) leaked on the internet last week. Stereogum and Pitchfork must have already got their hands on it: Stereogum already did a “premature evaluation” of the album, Pitchfork posted a new track, I even heard an unreleased track on an internet indie station. I’ve been listening to it non-stop for the last three days and its fantastic.

It starts and ends with a bang. "Nonpariel Of Favor" starts immediately with a hectic hyper fast beat. There are a couple slower, quieter songs in the mix ("Touched Somethings Hollow" and the slightly creepy "Women’s Studies Victims") to give you a little break from the party so your head doesn’t explode. The closing track and first single released off the album, "Id Engager", honestly didn’t give me much to be excited about, of course it was fun and dancy, but luckily isn’t representative of the rest of the album.

The album appears to continue on the manic trip that we were introduced to at the end of Hissing Fauna where Kevin Barnes alluded to his freaky desires, but never went this explicit. No more ironic depression set to bouncy pop tunes, here are the times of slinky yet still bouncy tunes with a sexual undertone. Okay, make that overtly sexual. Lyrically, it sounds like of Montreal has grown from a fantasy loving child to a horned up adolescent. With lyrics like “We can do it softcore if you want, but you should know I take it both ways,” “I want to make you come 200 times a day,” “ejaculate till its no longer fun,” “I wanna be with you my pleasure puss, I wanna know what its like to be inside you / I wanna know how it feels,” I think I’m blushing. And there are a lot more innuendos where those came from, half of which I probably haven’t even noticed yet!

Skeletal Lamping will be available for purchase in many different packaging formats: “CD, LP, T-shirt, tote bag, button set, paper lantern, and wall decal set. Each item in the Skeletal Lamping Collection includes both the digital album and its unique packaging of the album art.” A creative way to still profit in this new age of file sharing.

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