Saturday, April 18, 2009

Happy Record Store Day!

Support your local record store today by stopping by for the second annual Record Store Day.  Independent record stores across the nation are celebrating with in-store performances and special deals by store, including tons of stores in Chicago.  To see what stores are participating and what they are doing, check (or if you're in Chicago, Transmission has a great round up).  Even artists and labels are getting in on the action with limited edition releases especially for today.  It's no secret that independent record stores have been suffering financially with the big-box stores and online stores taking business (and, um, the current state of the economy), but the resurgent popularity of vinyl in the last year or so has driven some business back to these mom and pop establishments.  So take today to show your support and chat with the staff at your favorite shop.  

Myself, I'm planning on stopping by Dusty Groove and Reckless at some point today.  And check out mine and other writer's roundups of Record Store Day and what we scored or saw tomorrow on Gapers Block: Transmission.  

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