Thursday, April 9, 2009

Yo Yo!

Something I need to add to my DVR list: Yo Gabba Gabba. Yes it is a children's program on Nickelodeon, but besides having some of the best musical guests (The Roots, The Ting Tings, Of Montreal, The Shins, Chromeo, Ladytron, MGMT, Mates Of State, Datarock, Hot Hot Heat, Jimmy Eat World, and Mixmaster Mike*), the show (and website**) seems like it is actually a kids show made for adults! I mean the “host” is a DJ for cyrin-out-loud! And his name is DJ Lance Rock. When you get home from a night out, it’s the perfect thing to throw on the tube and watch with some popcorn. (Microwave foods only kids, no stove, after an evening of drinking--safety first! Hey, they should do a song about that on the show!)

And now, for your viewing enjoyment, here’s Chromeo to tell you about the importance of washing your hands…

*I don’t even think that’s a complete list

**Seriously, click on the link, it’s awesome.

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