Thursday, April 23, 2009

Swimming in Music

Last night made me happy.  Nice show at a good venue.  I reviewed last night's French Kicks show for Gapers Block, which you can read here.  

Tonight, another band that makes me happy, Peter Bjorn and John!  And wouldn't you know it, I wrote a preview about their show you can read here.  Also be on the lookout for my review of opening band Chairlift coming in the next couple days to Gapers Block.  

There is even more music to come!  This weekend I will be out of town, but I managed to work another concert in there: old fave of Montreal @ The Blue Note in my alma mater town, Columbia, MO.  Drop me a line if you're going to be there!  Next week is just as busy music-wise, so there will be much more news then!  Have a good weekend everyone!  

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