Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lady Gaga Infiltrates My iTunes

Sometimes I feel way involved in music, then other times I feel way behind the times. I admittedly ignore most of what's popular and just listen to what I like--stumbling on it my own way instead of listening to other people (much like my life... Hi Dad!). But occasionally I'll pick up on something that's been hot for a while, and then I get my sisters going "I thought you knew everything about music." Enter Lady Gaga. I'm not going to say she's my favorite musician of the year or anything, but I just couldn't deny the draw of all those hit singles anymore. Hey, maybe I thought "Poker Face" would be a one-off and she would fade away like most popsters, but she didn't. Instead, more singles kept being released and they were all pretty damn catchy.

I'm the same way with online media. Sure I work on a Macbook, but I also resisted the push to Facebook (and Twitter) at first. I just joined Lala after a suggestion from my friend Jeremy. I'm not sure about how it all works, but given the new partnership with Google, it could become a crucial place to pick up and share music tips (especially with it's tether to Facebook, bc the last thing I need is another social network site to keep up with).


Mike said...

I'm not totally into Lady Gaga, but her guest spot on Wale's new album is fantastic. For a second, I thought she was M.I.A.


Mich said...

I totally thought the same thing! I seem to remember hearing something about trying to actually get MIA and bringing in Gaga instead.