Thursday, February 4, 2010

Break a Leg! No, really...

I've seen Tel Aviv garage rockers Monotonix twice: the first time at the Hideout Block Party in '08 and again inside the Hideout last year. Both times were IN-SANE. Their shows are crazy wild and crazy awesome. Their lead singer broke his leg at a performance last week (video here). I am not surprised. I am, however, slightly surprised by the crowd reaction... "fuck you pussy"? When the man is asking for a doctor or paramedic, I'm going to assume he's actually seriously injured--although he did play through the first and second song and didn't ask for help til the third... but then refused to take the ambulance to the hospital...

Anyway, their story about the hospital is pretty entertaining, as are their pics w/ the doc and nurses (and note, he is laughing in almost all the pictures).

I didn't really say any of the things I wanted to in describing their live show (like about the flaming cymbals at the block party or the drumstick that I still have from their Hideout show...), but here's my preview for their Schubas show coming up on April 19.

Photo from kirstiecat (see all her pics from that night's set here).

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