Friday, February 19, 2010

What's going on this weekend?

If you asked me right now I'd say I just want to stay in tonight and lounge on my couch and eat potato chips and watch the Olympics, but give me a couple hours and some coffee and I'll be changing my mind because there is plenty to do tonight. My girl Neph invited me to Double Door tonight to see Dando, who I honestly don't know much about other than he fronts The Lemonheads.

If you're looking for some low budget fun, Hey Champ is playing a free show at LaSalle Power Company (hey, I never did write that post about how much I hate the 'tude, and well, everything about that place--I'm honestly surprised it's still open).

Also happening tonight is Four Tet (early and late show) at Empty Bottle (who I also dont know much about other than they've got this song they keep playing on woxy that I really like. Bottom line: I want to hear more).

And when you're not quite ready to go home after the show, head on over to The Continental where Tankboy will be manning the decks from 11 til 4am.

I call this one "get out of my dj booth"

TOMORROW, also known as SATURDAY NIGHT, Scott Lucas and the Married Men celebrate the long anticipated (by us at least) release of their debut album, George Lassos the Moon. Tankboy wrote a really great review of the album on Chicagoist including the irresistibly cute story behind the songs where he "gets the girl." All together now... awww.

Also on Saturday: I've already told you how much I love the influential, innovative Tortoise, they will be playing Lincoln Hall.

So even though there's a bunch of snow still on the ground and the temps seem to be hooked forever in the 30's, there's no excuse to not get out of the house this weekend! You'll have all next week to watch the Olympics when the weather turns even crappier.

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