Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Discovered Today: Dan Black

I haven't penned a "Discovered Today" in a while, I've been so busy attending to my personal life (and getting through the holidays) that I havent been as attentive to artist submissions coming my way. But things are starting to settle down and I'm not feeling quite as overwhelmed anymore. I don't know that I'll pick back up quite to the level I was before, but I'll work out a nice life/work/writing/fun balance.

Enough about me, today I'm here to talk about Dan Black. He wonderfully blends subtle hip-hop influences with today's electronic style, creating something that feels a lot more grown up--a refreshing change from the carefree kid-like music that seems to have overtaken indie-pop lately. But don't think you won't have anything to dance to--"Yours" and "Pass That Head Noize" will still have you jumping around and shaking your hips at the bar (or in your living room, wherever you prefer). When things slow down, he delivers an easy laid back groove, as on "Symphonies" which features Kid Cudi (who I just recently discovered was not just another Lil Wayne rapper, but more of a Danger Mouse style hip-hop artist). Black's debut album ((un)) comes out today, and hopefully we'll see a Chicago date added to his tour soon.*

*P.S. With the Lolla rumor mill already churning, I wouldn't be surprised to eventually see this guy on the bill.

UPDATE: Oh, look who's been added to the '10 Lolla roster...

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