Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I was sooo bummed on Sunday night when I found out tickets to Janelle Monae's Monday show at Schubas were sold out. I had planned to go with my friend Lisa, but didn't think it would sell out! Especially since she was playing two nights! Well, I was wrong, and both nights were sold out. That's what I get for waiting. I was even more bummed last night after seeing these tweets:

"Holy crap people- if you can find a way into the Janelle Monae show at Schubas tomorrow, you need to do it. Wow."

"Janelle Monae just wrapped up her set. Fucking incredible. I am in complete awe of what a fantastic specticale this was."

And this: "Gotta reiterate - Janelle Monae at Schubas last night was BONKERS. James Brown + Gaga + a funk robot. "Tightrope" - http://bit.ly/aalJNx"

And then today? More tickets released! As of right NOW, they are still available for purchase. So what are you waiting for?!?!

Check out @lizzkannenberg's awesome photos from last night's show on Flickr!

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