Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Openers Worth Getting There Early For

I was checking out the bands opening for OK Go next month at Metro since I'll be covering the show, and came upon The Booze out of Atlanta. Now, I'm always skeptical of a band with a cheesy name like "booze," but they've got some super jingley, sunny mod pop songs with a bit of bluesy grit that sound like they fell straight out of the late 60s or early 70s. In addition to opening for OK Go on 4/17, they're playing a couple of shows here in Chicago prior to that at smaller venues: first at Angels & Kings on the 2nd, and then at SubT on 4/3.

Also opening for OK Go that night are Earl Greyhound from New York. This group also has a throwback sound--a little dirtier than The Booze, a little harder, a little more earning of the "soul" label. Guitar solos? Check. You could say these guys fell out of the 70s a little later with bigger bell bottoms.

This is one time that it's worth getting there early for the openers--and we're talking early, this all-ages show starts at 7pm. Getcher tickets here.

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