Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Stuck On Free Energy

I saw this awesome band at Empty Bottle this weekend. They sound kinda like The Strokes. In fact, one day Tankboy was playing their album in the car and I asked him if it was the new Strokes album (since I knew they were working on one) and he said no, it's this new band I'm totally into, Free Energy.

Even though I wasnt feeling so hot, and our names werent on the list when we got there (thank goodness it wasn't sold out), the band totally made up for it and we had a great time. I even bought a t-shirt (that I've worn every day since, but that's beside the point).

Their debut album Stuck On Nothing was produced by none other than Mr. LCD Soundsystem, James Murphy. It's available today digitally, but if you want a physical copy you'll have to wait til May 4.

P.S. They'll be appearing on David Letterman on March 17.

(Photo by Lizz Kannenberg for Chicagoist)

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