Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It's TankBird Tuesday

It's not just Tuesday, it's TankBird Tuesday, which means Tankboy and Lizz--aka Super Bird--will DJ and a bunch of our friends will come to hang out while Danny slings the drinks. Plus, tonight they will be joined by DJ Pocket Taco for your aural pleasure.

Yes, this is turning into quite the monthly event.

You see, Lizz used to bartend on Tuesdays and would feed Tankboy shots of whiskey until he couldn't stand anymore--ok not really, okay maybe sometimes ;o)

But then Lizz got a real job at the same office as Tankboy and decided she didn't want to see him at night since she had to see him all day every day. But then she decided she could stand to see him once a month outside the office so they decided to pay homage to the old days and make a whole thing out of it and call it TankBird. The End.

Great story huh?! No? Okay, well then just come to The Burlington tonight. It's Tuesday. They have booze and music. The End.

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Tankboy said...

I approve of this post.